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When I’m doing a job with multiple sets or complicated lighting that’s in the studio, it’s necessary to have a prep day which is devoted to building the sets, setting up furniture or props and setting up the lighting so that we can work out all the kinks before we shoot. Recently I had a chance to direct television commercials for the first time. I always love shooting behind the scenes photos on jobs, and realized this would be a fun opportunity to do this.  There are so moments on a shoot where the irony in a chosen moment is too precious to loose. During the prep day on my Von Maur project I decided to make a stop action video of the 3 days of our shoot.

With the help of my friend Hector Prida who worked along side me on this job, we shot our set every 5 minutes for 3 days. I love seeing everyone involved in the project and all the things I missed while working. Look out for more of these to come.