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One of my favorite episodes of “Portlandia” is called “Is It Local ?”. In it,  the incredibly irritating couple Peter and Nance, go to eat at a restaurant. After hearing the description of the “Heritage, Free Range, Organic and Local ” chicken they were about to order,  they decide to go and check out the farm for themselves. I had an opportunity to do something a little bit like this, although I didn’t move to a farm or join a polygamous marriage  as Peter and Nance did ( if you haven’t watched the episode yet, you need to ).

A few weeks back, I was at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market on a beautiful Sunday morning with my daughter Vivienne, and saw the most glorious flowers for sale at the Silver Lake Farm stand.  Anemones, Ranuculus, Sweet Peas, etc. all beautifully arranged by color in glass canning jars and sold by the stem.  Long story short, I reached out to owner Tara Kollo and asked if I could come visit her farm and photograph the flowers. I was thrilled, she said yes. So, last week Vivienne and  I went and spent a few hours amongst the flowers, lady bugs and two of Tara’s lovely garden helpers. Check it out.