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Dinette, Echo Park, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2014Great coffee, and tasty, thoughtfully prepared food are what I get excited about when I go out. Besides the food, there is the space it is served in, which is often, sadly overlooked. But when it isn’t, and the design sensibility matches the vibe and intention of the food you’ve got this complete experience. I realize this is vague and pretentious statement… But still, you know what’s up when you walk into McDonald’s, yes?? It’s a clearly articulated experience.

Well at DINETTE there’s a sweet little vision happening. I absolutely love the chic Prussian Blue chosen to paint the exterior. It’s a tiny place, but the color draws you off the street and into the little take out window to order some treats. The interior is a small but kitchen. The menu for now, is homemade tarts, pizzas, small and perfect waffles, and coffee and tea that are all delicious.

I went to photograph the space and hang out with my friend Eric Pfleeger who did the branding work for DINETTE. Eric is good pals with owner Gareth Kantner, who also owns Cafe and Bar Stella, in Silver Lake.

Here’s the space.

Dinette, Echo Park, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2014Dinette, Echo Park, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2014

Dinette, Echo Park, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2014

Dinette, Echo Park, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2014


LAX tarmac - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 Natchez Crape Myrtle - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 blue water color palette - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 Harvest moon over Chelsea - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

pants at Intelligentsia - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013Dawn on California Blvd. - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

Lady in all blue - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 20131) Tarmac at LAX, 2 ) Natchez Crape Myrtle – on Figueroa, 3 ) Blue water color palette, 4 ) Full moon over Chelsea, 5 ) Intelligentsia Silver Lake, 6 ) Dawn on California Blvd., 6 ) Lady in Blue.