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This month I visited Sunnylands Estate and Visitor center. It was a memorable day, touring the estate, which was the former home of Leonore and Walter Annenberg, and hanging out in incredible Visitor’s center and gardens.

The first three images are from the Visitor’s Center garden, which was designed by Landscape Architect James Burnett who, “used Vincent van Gogh’s Olive Trees of 1889 as inspiration for this masterpiece view of the Center’s unique gardens.

Burnett carefully crafted nine acres of desert, designing 1.25 miles of walking paths that meander through more than 70 species of native and arid-adapted plants from North and South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean area. The gardens were carefully conceived to appear different in every season with variations that create a memorable sensory experience.

The bottom 6 images were taken in the garden of the Sunnyland’s estate. The estate was designed by architect  A. Quincy Jones, and is a jewel box of Hollywood Regency architecture, filled with their original period furnishings, artwork and many historical artifacts from their private and public lives.
Sunnylands Visitor's Center, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2016sunny-cactus-horizontalcactus-pondagam_poolsunnylands_v3a4863sunny-chandeliersquiggle-sculpture_v3a4842_v3a4838_reventrance_v3a4816 Yellow dream, Los Angeles, 2) Curb, Palm Springs Architecture Design Center, 3) Palo Verdes, Cosanti Parking lot, 4) Gastrobus flowers

1. Antique bed in American Wing – Metropolitan Museum, 2. Little fingers and homegrown pomegranate, 3. Red Convertible – Palm Springs, 4. Succulent Flowers, 5. Naomi and Frankie’s Feet , 6. Summer Fruit

1. Sweet Cutlass – Burbank, 2. White Wall 3.  Caprice Classic Wagon – Palm Springs, 4. Scientology Building – Hollywood