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For years now I have had a rather epic love for coffee. It began just after high school when I worked briefly as a less then average, angry barista. Now I drink it and love it and sometimes hate it ( well that’s another story ).

My go to is espresso and just a touch of creme….

Having said that, it’s getting hot out so Im about to start making some cold brew. If you haven’t tried before follow this simple recipe I got from Chuck Jones at Jones Coffee in Pasadena.

Take an old pillow case  ( make sure not to use a pillow case washed with a perfumey detergent ) and fill it with 1 pound of great coffee ground for drip ( Marrakech from Jones is the bomb  for this ). Drop the filled pillow case into a large container with 1 gallon of filtered water and leave it over night.

Squeeze out the grounds and dispose of them as you wish. Your cold brew is ready! Now put it into the fridge and remember it’s a concentrate and a little like rocket fuel, so add a wee bit of ice…oh and some creme.

I love all these roasters, thank you for making such a gorgeous product, Blue Bottle, Handsome Jones, Intelligentsia, Ninth Street, Peet’s, Stumptown

The new and much loved Handsome. Sorry no sugar or creme allowed friends

Stumptown, New York. So beautiful and tasty

Stumptown, Portland. Circa 2004