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A couple of years ago my friends Christa and Eric and their two kids moved from LA up to the Central Coast where Christa grew up. Christa dreamed of moving back up to the Central coast with her family by the time she turned 40, and they did it!

Home of  Eric Pfleeger and Christa Renee  in Arroyo Grande, CA,
Christa washing herbs from the garden. Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020
Kitchen of  Eric Pfleeger and Christa Renee in Arroyo Grande, CA
Christa and Eric renovated their entire house after moving in.
They did the design work themselves using Pinterest for inspiration.
Oscar and Wesley shot by Christa Renee

Oscar and Wesley getting ready for school, copyright Christa Renee

They have two kids that they are home schooling, lots of guests coming and going, and tons of projects happening all the time.

Eric and Christa's sheep, copyright Christa Renee

Lonely Palm Ranch sheep, copyright Christa Renee

We’ve gone up to visit them a few times a year since they moved, and it’s been incredible to see all the work they’ve done since they moved. The ranch is an amazing place for their kids to grow up. Spending time in nature, learning responsibility doing ranch chores and incorporating their lives into their home school curriculum.

Wesley working on the ranch, copyright Christa Renee

Wesley working on the ranch, copyright Christa Renee

Home of  Eric Pfleeger and Christa Renee  in Arroyo Grande, CA,
Frittatas are a regular family meal, made from fresh organic eggs laid by the hens on the ranch. Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020

One of Christa's homemade Frittatas, Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020

One of Christa’s homemade Frittatas, Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020

Eric Pfleeger making coffee in his kitchen in Arroyo Grande, CABefore moving from LA, Eric and Christa opened Collage Coffee , with their partner Kevin. They sold their share in the business, but Eric is still pretty serious about coffee and makes a spectacular cappuccino for the guests who come by. He uses a sweet La Marzocco an industry standard for specialty coffee shops.

Some of his favorite roasters are 49th Parallel, Four Barrel, Little Wolf & Brutal. On a recent trip I brought up a bag of Devocion Wild Forest I had at Document in LA. We made some pour overs that were pretty perfect!devocion



The view from above the valley, Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020

Last year they renovated their house, and converted the tack room off the barn into a guest suite ( it’s super cozy ). Below is Christa last Winter in the new Tack room bathroom. They used the leftover tile Eric’s bought from his friend Faile for Collage to cover the shower interior..rad!!

christa_failAlso, they created a studio for Eric in the shed where he is hand silkscreening calendars and art for friends and clients. Last year they hosted 40 + people for Thanksgiving, planted lots of fruit trees and are now working on their vegetable & flower gardens… Oh I forgot the sheep and lots of other stuff… It’s a lot!!

Eric Pfleeger and Christa Renee at home in Arroyo Grande, CA, co

Eric and Christa with their favorite months from the Lonely Palm 2020 Calendar. Copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2020

Eric Pfleeger and Christa Renee at home in Arroyo Grande, CA, coYou can follow along on their journey on instagram where Christa documents her family and the ranch in a beautiful way that is honest and beautifully photographed. Check out Christa’s work here – she’s a lifestyle photographer and commercial director.                  See more of my work on my website & my instagram feed.


  1. Peony -LA Flower Market, 2. Modernist Church – Phoenix, 3. Edie, 4. Car in the Desert, 5. Green and Yellow Color Study, 6. Lay’s – Hilton, 7. Eagle Rock Car Wash, 8. Mr. Holmes Bake Shop, 9. Brand Library – Glendale, 10. Cake – Lincoln Pasadena, 11. Getty Center Garden, 12. Art Lover – Getty, 13. Sunnyland’s Visitor Center Garden. BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS COLOR AND BEAUTY.

Last Sunday was the 3rd annual Lily Sarah Grace Craft Fair in Los Angeles, at the Milk Studios hanger.

LilySarahGrace_ArtFair, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2015

Lily Sarah Grace Fund raises money to create arts eduction grants for public schools all over the country. This year the space was filled with giant oragami cranes, and beautifully painted Manzanita trees that the children could hang their written wishes on ( think Yoko Ono wish trees ).

LilySarahGrace_ArtFair, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2015

The day and the space were filled with creativity, beauty, giving and incredible generosity!

The kids had opportunities to make so many different projects, to visit, to eat great food, and get their hair done by Boyd  Tizenor !!!!

Amazing and and super fun. Jennifer Levy and Elizabeth Goetchius have organized this event each year so beautifully, and put their whole hearts into making it successful and memorable. This year Dewey Nicks did portraits on site which was fantastic addition to the experience and energy.

Karen Kimmel and Kimmel kids, Flowergirl LA, Catherine McCord of Weelicious, , Estee StanleyJules Blane Davis and many many others were all on site creating beautiful and fun experiences for the kids and adults who came out.

My heart was so full with the spirit of creativity and generosity that comes out in this event. I am grateful to be able to participate in what happens each year to help support this incredible foundation created by Matthew Badger to remember his three beautiful daughters, Lily, Sarah and Grace, and to remember them through all of the love and art that comes out of his foundation.

LilySarahGrace_ArtFair, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2015



1. Fanny – Christmas eve, 2. Cactus blossoms, 3. Kate Spade window, 4. Sunrise over Pasadena, 5. Girls in Paper dresses

Bromeliad, New York City, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013 Many Eloises, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013

IMG_4728 IMG_3438

Cherry tree copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2012

Jenny's trash, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013


1) Rae’s apartment, Nolita, 2) Eloise Dolls, Plaza Hotel, New York, 3) Vivienne at the California Adventure, 4) Pink macaroon from Euro Pane, 5) Franki at home, 6 ) Jenny’s trash



20130911-_V3A2985 20121225-IMG_2380

20130807-IMG_4734 20130107-IMG_2564




1) Purple Cactus – Huntington Gardens, 2) Sunset – Los Feliz, 3)  Merry Go Round – Disneyland, 4) Drying napkins – Waldorf Kindergarten, 6 ) Layne – Sweet Clems Popsicles, 7 ) ” Large Wall” – DeWain ValentineNorton Simon, 8 ) Sink – Langer’s Ladies room