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It’s getting warmer every day as we’re moving into Spring, which makes me think about Grilling and getting outside to eat. I decided to share a favorite story from my archives. I shot this project for Smart Money  magazine.

This was the second time I got to work with one of my favorite creative directors Gretchen LaGrange, who went on to work at Real Simple and BRIDE’S magazine, where we collaborated on many great projects  ( hit the link and you can see some of them for yourself ) for over 8 years.

This story was all about grills and grilling accessories, and yet there was so much room for us to build a larger story around the 50’s women freed from the kitchen and practically jumping for joy to make some BBQ. Using a mix of vintage and new clothing we were able to create this woman who lived

in the present and also has the 50’s vibe. Stylist Mynka Draper pulled this off so beautifully. To see more work from the archive, hit the link here.

Bar B Que Story DK2_electric Charcoal