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Lately I’ve been so inspired by the great, Irving Penn and his incredible Vogue covers from the better part of the last century, especially those which employed the silhouette.

So I set out to play in the dark with graphic shapes, beautiful faces, jewels and make something new.



Models: Top images Giuliana, Bottom 2 Daniella – both from M Model Management

Jewelry on top three images from  L Frank Jewelry, Venice, California

Hair: Diana Maria Salas

Makeup:  Geoffrey Rodrigez

Styling: Julie Vogel

Taking a moment today to think of some special people I’ve had the honor of photographing over the years, all of whom have passed away. Each one of them had the fiercest personal style and a vitality that was infectious.

Here’s to Jo Ann Taylor, Quentin Chrisp, William Richards and Doris Crown and so many others, who inspire me with their grace, beauty, brains, guts and hearts!!

 0955_fr46.tifAuthor Quentin Chrisp, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2000

Portrait of William Richards, copyright 2000 Diana KoenigsbergPortrait of Doris Crown, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2001

As this year comes to an end, I want to share a personal project I have been working on for the past six months. As I think about it, it begun so many years ago when I was a kid, here in Los Angeles, and spent many Sundays in my Grandfather’s cactus green house.

It’s funny how things these pieces of your childhood, ones that you forget about, actually color your choices, desires and sensibilities as an adult in such a big way.

My memories of these times with my Grandfather, Sam, were of me walking through his vast collections of succulents and cacti, and the most magical spot was his orchid green house. I was allowed to work with him  on occasion, potting up plants and tinkering around in his garden. I don’t our conversations, just these afternoons with magical, crazy looking plants.

48 The desert pieces are an exploration of my lifetime here in Southern California, through the colors in the sunrise, sunset, the flora that one finds here. These are collages I have made from imagery shot all here in California.

All the images were generated in Photoshop, by me, over several hours of shooting, then cutting and pasting the pieces together in a very intuitive, organic way. None of the images were premeditated, and all of them feel very different to me.

Several of the images contain pieces of fashion shoots I’ve done for clients over the years, but mostly, the imagery, or “pieces” have come from desert gardens near my home in Pasadena, and other places in Southern and Northern California.

Desert Sorbet newaloetree Desert Study # 3 © Diana Koengisberg 2013DK_flowerscapeDK_white.cactus.poppies

Sending out wishes to everyone for a 2014 filled with rich, beautiful vistas, and vast horizons.






1) Sunset over Eagle Rock, 2 ) Sunset over Pacific Ocean with George, 3 ) York Blvd. at 2:30 PM, 4 ) Sidewalk, 5) Palms – Santa Monica, 6 ) Harvest moon




Bromeliad, New York City, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013 Many Eloises, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013

IMG_4728 IMG_3438

Cherry tree copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2012

Jenny's trash, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013


1) Rae’s apartment, Nolita, 2) Eloise Dolls, Plaza Hotel, New York, 3) Vivienne at the California Adventure, 4) Pink macaroon from Euro Pane, 5) Franki at home, 6 ) Jenny’s trash



IMG_0630 IMG_2060 IMG_4684

Alice's Tea - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013


Doritos - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

1) Camaro , 2) Custom Van, 3 ) Still life with Begonia, Wandering Jew and Aonium, 4) Tea at Alice’s, 5) Sarah’s dining room, 6 ) Dorito Truck

Vivienne looking out over the Sierras upon our arrival in Clio California for my cousin’s gorgeous wedding.

bouquet, Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

My bouquet of rose buds and acorns.

Rehersal - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

Jeorgea and Aaron at their rehearsal on Sardine Lake.

Vivienne - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

A dashing couple at the reception. Just beyond them, more mountains and trees.

Sardine Lake - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

Reception - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013