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This time last year, native New Yorker Greg Garry & Michael Jorris relocated from Soho, New York to LA for work.

Moving from a small NYC apartment to a spacious Park Labrea 2 bedroom has meant that Greg and Mike can spread out a bit, add to their record collection, have a guest room and for the first time garden! Their place is a combination of vintage finds, artwork that Greg has collected over the years, and pieces that Mike has made like the cameos shown below.


Greg & Mike at home – artwork from Greg’s vintage collection, eye painting by Mark Gagnon


TV & entertainment essentials


The bar – Absolutely fabulous!


Mike in front of his newest hobby sewing. He also makes macrame, builds stuff & gardens.


When Greg & Mike moved to LA they had 1 crate of records…


A corner of the dining room – at left a portrait of Jennifer Saunders of Ab Fab – at right cameos of Greg, Lucifer and Mike made by Mike.

Michael Jorris and Greg Garry at home in LA

Mike and Greg in front of the cameos created by Mike.


Greg in a Mr. Turk dinner jacket.

Mike, Grey and Lucifer

Mike, Grey and Lucifer


This week I got to visit with artists Noel Hennessey and Thomas Renaud of LGS Studio in Glassel Park, CA.


Thomas Renaud at left and Noel Hennessey of LGS studio. Behind them are pieces from their Tephra, Studded, Ridge and Ritual collections.

Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana KoenigsberBefore starting LGS Studio, Noel and Thomas had been friends for many years and have always supported each other in their lives and creative endeavors. Their work is remarkably unique, and comes out of their own inspirations and musings ( The Flintstones, planet Mars, Greek Sparton Weaponry etc. ).

Thomas and Noel have 15 years of combined experience working in Photography, painting and advertising that has informed their work, and helped to create a clearly articulated brand. No doubt the there could also be a Brutalist inspiration happening here as well?Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsber

Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsber

Thomas at the wheel, LGS Studio, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2019

Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsber

Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsber

Noel glazing a Teffra piece Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2019

Studio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana KoenigsberStudio LGS ceramics, Los Angeles, CA, copyright Diana Koenigsber

I took my daughter and some friends to the  Climate Strike in Downtown LA earlier this month.

Organized by Swedish Climate activist Greta Thunberg , the Climate Strike is a national movement that’s taking place every Friday where youth activists stay home from school to protest the abhorrent Climate Denial of our President and the lack of action our local government is taking to combat the Climate Crisis.

Watch my video below to see some images from the march and to hear a clip of Greta Thunberg’s inspiring speech.



  1. Mercado Jamaica – 2. Casa Robert Brady – 3. Museo Dolores Olmedo – 4. Streets of Tepotzlan – 5. Chiles Enogada- San Angel Inn – 6. Ricardo Linares, Cuernavaca, 7. Cafe Tacuba – Mexico City , 8. Casa Azul – Museo Frida Kahlo, 9. Studio Diego Rivera


  1. Peony -LA Flower Market, 2. Modernist Church – Phoenix, 3. Edie, 4. Car in the Desert, 5. Green and Yellow Color Study, 6. Lay’s – Hilton, 7. Eagle Rock Car Wash, 8. Mr. Holmes Bake Shop, 9. Brand Library – Glendale, 10. Cake – Lincoln Pasadena, 11. Getty Center Garden, 12. Art Lover – Getty, 13. Sunnyland’s Visitor Center Garden. BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS COLOR AND BEAUTY.

This month I visited Sunnylands Estate and Visitor center. It was a memorable day, touring the estate, which was the former home of Leonore and Walter Annenberg, and hanging out in incredible Visitor’s center and gardens.

The first three images are from the Visitor’s Center garden, which was designed by Landscape Architect James Burnett who, “used Vincent van Gogh’s Olive Trees of 1889 as inspiration for this masterpiece view of the Center’s unique gardens.

Burnett carefully crafted nine acres of desert, designing 1.25 miles of walking paths that meander through more than 70 species of native and arid-adapted plants from North and South America, Africa, and the Mediterranean area. The gardens were carefully conceived to appear different in every season with variations that create a memorable sensory experience.

The bottom 6 images were taken in the garden of the Sunnyland’s estate. The estate was designed by architect  A. Quincy Jones, and is a jewel box of Hollywood Regency architecture, filled with their original period furnishings, artwork and many historical artifacts from their private and public lives.
Sunnylands Visitor's Center, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2016sunny-cactus-horizontalcactus-pondagam_poolsunnylands_v3a4863sunny-chandeliersquiggle-sculpture_v3a4842_v3a4838_reventrance_v3a4816