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Today I spent the afternoon at Ellen’s Silkscreening . This place is my Mother’s shop, where they do custom hand silk screening.  I was pretty excited to get there and see the first print, the guys were printing some lovely canvas totes for me which I plan to give clients and friends for the holidays. I love how a color photograph gets transformed into a silk screened print and becomes a sort of flat illustration. I chose an image from a shoot I did this summer for my client Von Maur. The image is an out take, but one of my favorites from the entire year. Below are a few images from the silkscreening process. The magenta paint is my favorite… looks good enough to eat! Special thanks to Coco for helping me out with the idea and my pal, Alice Park with the details on the bag!

LEGS LEGS LEGS – Shot for Von Maur Department Stores, and the Ad agency KNOCK INC.

My silkscreened tote bags are hand printed and so lovely