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This time last year, native New Yorker Greg Garry & Michael Jorris relocated from Soho, New York to LA for work.

Moving from a small NYC apartment to a spacious Park Labrea 2 bedroom has meant that Greg and Mike can spread out a bit, add to their record collection, have a guest room and for the first time garden! Their place is a combination of vintage finds, artwork that Greg has collected over the years, and pieces that Mike has made like the cameos shown below.


Greg & Mike at home – artwork from Greg’s vintage collection, eye painting by Mark Gagnon


TV & entertainment essentials


The bar – Absolutely fabulous!


Mike in front of his newest hobby sewing. He also makes macrame, builds stuff & gardens.


When Greg & Mike moved to LA they had 1 crate of records…


A corner of the dining room – at left a portrait of Jennifer Saunders of Ab Fab – at right cameos of Greg, Lucifer and Mike made by Mike.

Michael Jorris and Greg Garry at home in LA

Mike and Greg in front of the cameos created by Mike.


Greg in a Mr. Turk dinner jacket.

Mike, Grey and Lucifer

Mike, Grey and Lucifer




1. Fanny – Christmas eve, 2. Cactus blossoms, 3. Kate Spade window, 4. Sunrise over Pasadena, 5. Girls in Paper dresses




1) Sunset over Eagle Rock, 2 ) Sunset over Pacific Ocean with George, 3 ) York Blvd. at 2:30 PM, 4 ) Sidewalk, 5) Palms – Santa Monica, 6 ) Harvest moon




Recently I rediscovered Beth Katz, a photo editor I had worked several years ago at Fit Pregnancy Magazine, when she popped up as I was searching for folks to follow on Instagram. Beth has a beautiful, refined sensibility, that is both elegant and calming.

I began following Beth, only to discover that she had begun making the most beautiful ceramics. Every time I saw her feed, I kept thinking, why hasn’t she been doing this forever, these are gorgeous?

But that’s not how things work, we do things how and when we do them. So now Beth has launched Mt Washington Pottery, and I made a visit to her home in Mount Washington, California to do a studio visit to get a closer look.

Beth’s work is almost all white, like her home, which is tucked up into a hillside, surrounded by trees. Thus, this COLOR STUDY, is devoted to her and her work. Enjoy!

Mount Washington Pottery 2013

Mount Washington Pottery 2013Mount Washington Pottery 2013Mount Washington Pottery 2013
Mount Washington Pottery 2013

Mount Washington Pottery 2013Mount Washington Pottery 2013 Mount Washington Pottery 2013Mount Washington Pottery 2013

Mount Washington Pottery 2013





Bromeliad, New York City, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013 Many Eloises, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013

IMG_4728 IMG_3438

Cherry tree copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2012

Jenny's trash, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2013


1) Rae’s apartment, Nolita, 2) Eloise Dolls, Plaza Hotel, New York, 3) Vivienne at the California Adventure, 4) Pink macaroon from Euro Pane, 5) Franki at home, 6 ) Jenny’s trash



IMG_0630 IMG_2060 IMG_4684

Alice's Tea - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013


Doritos - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

1) Camaro , 2) Custom Van, 3 ) Still life with Begonia, Wandering Jew and Aonium, 4) Tea at Alice’s, 5) Sarah’s dining room, 6 ) Dorito Truck

Vivienne looking out over the Sierras upon our arrival in Clio California for my cousin’s gorgeous wedding.

bouquet, Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

My bouquet of rose buds and acorns.

Rehersal - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

Jeorgea and Aaron at their rehearsal on Sardine Lake.

Vivienne - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

A dashing couple at the reception. Just beyond them, more mountains and trees.

Sardine Lake - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013

Reception - Jeorgea and Aaron's Wedding 2013


LAX tarmac - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 Natchez Crape Myrtle - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 blue water color palette - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 Harvest moon over Chelsea - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

pants at Intelligentsia - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013Dawn on California Blvd. - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013

Lady in all blue - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 20131) Tarmac at LAX, 2 ) Natchez Crape Myrtle – on Figueroa, 3 ) Blue water color palette, 4 ) Full moon over Chelsea, 5 ) Intelligentsia Silver Lake, 6 ) Dawn on California Blvd., 6 ) Lady in Blue.


Paddle Cactus - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2012

sunset on house- DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2012

Chandeliers at the Plaza- DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2012 DK_chinatown.treeCoral Sky - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2012

Norton Simon statue - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2012

Kitty McNamee - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 Sunrise - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 2013 sunset - DIANA KOENIGSBERG Copyright 20121 ) Paddle cactus – Arlington Garden, Pasadena, 2) Sunset on house, 3) Chandeliers at The Plaza, NY, 4) Sky at dusk, 5) Bronze statue at Norton Simon Museum, San Marino, 6) Kitty McNamee, 7) Sunrise at home, 8 ) Sunset over Los Angeles