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Here are a few images from a campaign I shot for Pearle Vision in May of this year with Arnold Worldwide in New York. The shoot was fun, and so was my trip! I always do my best to squeeze as much into my New York trips as possible.

I got to eat at Freeman’s, and savor a lobster roll from the Pearl Oyster Bar,  drink coffee every morning at 9th Avenue Espresso.

Pearle Vision Kat campaign 2012

Pearle Vision Kat campaign 2012

And then there was Victor.,,,, Victor runs the equipment room at Space Studios where we shot. Before I met Victor in the flesh I could not have imagined that he would be wearing white every day and these lovely beads. All I knew was that for a week leading up to our shoot, he referred to me as “dear” in every email regarding my equipment order for the job, and this was a first. Hilarious!!

Victor has a great style, he is wearing white for an entire year to cleans his spirit, which is a Santeria practice. He reminded me of the evocative photographs Phyllis Galembo did in her book “Divine Inspiration”

Take a look at Phyllis Galembo’s work if you aren’t already familiar with it. She has been documenting the rituals and religious culture in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti for the past 20 + years, as well as the homegrown custom of Halloween in the United States.

Victor from Space Studios in the Chelsea Market

For years now I have had a rather epic love for coffee. It began just after high school when I worked briefly as a less then average, angry barista. Now I drink it and love it and sometimes hate it ( well that’s another story ).

My go to is espresso and just a touch of creme….

Having said that, it’s getting hot out so Im about to start making some cold brew. If you haven’t tried before follow this simple recipe I got from Chuck Jones at Jones Coffee in Pasadena.

Take an old pillow case  ( make sure not to use a pillow case washed with a perfumey detergent ) and fill it with 1 pound of great coffee ground for drip ( Marrakech from Jones is the bomb  for this ). Drop the filled pillow case into a large container with 1 gallon of filtered water and leave it over night.

Squeeze out the grounds and dispose of them as you wish. Your cold brew is ready! Now put it into the fridge and remember it’s a concentrate and a little like rocket fuel, so add a wee bit of ice…oh and some creme.

I love all these roasters, thank you for making such a gorgeous product, Blue Bottle, Handsome Jones, Intelligentsia, Ninth Street, Peet’s, Stumptown

The new and much loved Handsome. Sorry no sugar or creme allowed friends

Stumptown, New York. So beautiful and tasty

Stumptown, Portland. Circa 2004

Today I spent some time taking photographs at my friend Alexandra Sheridan’s, new cafe / store  in the Mission district of San Gabriel CA. Not only does Alexandra make fantastic food ( she is a long time chef and caterer ), but she is also someone with an eye for beauty and elegance. I’ve spent many years photographing the sweet displays she has always created in her home, simply to save them. Alexandra’s table like her home, is warm, inviting and filled with beautiful things and great food. Congratulations to my very dear friend on this exciting new endeavor!!

Here are a few images from my visit today. The food you’ll have to come to see and eat for yourself!

413 South Mission Drive, San Gabriel California 91776 (626) 319-8649

+ high-res version

This week, my daughter Vivienne and I took a detour from our errands around town and followed my stomach to Lark bakery for a cupcake.

The cakes and cupcakes at Lark are both beautiful and profoundly delicious, especially in my humble opinion the icebox and flourless chocolate… but on to the point of this post, food or more specifically food porn.  After enjoying my treat,  I noticed a tray filled with miniature cupcakes all topped with berries. They sat there neatly lined up, in several rows with a beautiful, long  shadow articulating the shape of each raspberry. I pulled out my little point and shoot and took a few photographs.

Later on I thought about what drew me to the image and remembered one of my favorite painters, Wayne Thiebaud.I’ve been a fan of Thiebaud’s paintings of food, San Francisco city scapes, and even his portraits since I discovered him years ago. Long before people started to document everything they eat, drink and do with a smart phone, Thiebaud was making images of food that were way ahead of their time. Many are of  mundane things like a cake in a diner or several lollipops on a counter, yet his paintings  have a real depth and presence. I love the way he uses color in unconventional and subtle ways, like making an afternoon shadow bright blue instead of a golden brown.  Oddly enough, his paintings never really look like something you’d want to eat, yet they are beautifully constructed and so satisfying to look at. Who says you can’t eat a lipstick?