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Here are a few images from a campaign I shot for Pearle Vision in May of this year with Arnold Worldwide in New York. The shoot was fun, and so was my trip! I always do my best to squeeze as much into my New York trips as possible.

I got to eat at Freeman’s, and savor a lobster roll from the Pearl Oyster Bar,  drink coffee every morning at 9th Avenue Espresso.

Pearle Vision Kat campaign 2012

Pearle Vision Kat campaign 2012

And then there was Victor.,,,, Victor runs the equipment room at Space Studios where we shot. Before I met Victor in the flesh I could not have imagined that he would be wearing white every day and these lovely beads. All I knew was that for a week leading up to our shoot, he referred to me as “dear” in every email regarding my equipment order for the job, and this was a first. Hilarious!!

Victor has a great style, he is wearing white for an entire year to cleans his spirit, which is a Santeria practice. He reminded me of the evocative photographs Phyllis Galembo did in her book “Divine Inspiration”

Take a look at Phyllis Galembo’s work if you aren’t already familiar with it. She has been documenting the rituals and religious culture in Nigeria, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti for the past 20 + years, as well as the homegrown custom of Halloween in the United States.

Victor from Space Studios in the Chelsea Market

Alex Themistocleous profile and hairstyle

This group of images are from a really fun week of shooting at the Milk Studio Hanger in Hollywood . I got to work with an exceptional crew, including Kelly Hill who I hadn’t seen since we worked together on JC Penney in January.

Kelly has such a timeless and elegant sense of style. I photographed her on the last day of a 4 day shoot with her assistant Nina Walker. They both have on a different version a French sailor’s striped boat t-shirt, and champagne, the best way to end a great shoot.

Also working on set with some great style was Allison in her sky blue Reebok high tops,  the mighty style of a barista at Milk ( what a gorgeous coffee bar ), great hair on Alex Themistocleous and a sock I won’t forget….thank you Kevin.

Barista with Style at Milk Studio Los Angeles

Allison Beobut in ice blue Reebok Lifestyle kicks and rainbow striped laces

Foot of Kevin Gray with Black New Balance and California flag sock

Stylist Kelly Hill and Nina Walker with stripes and bubbles

A few memorable style moments on set, from my shoots so far this year ( more to come ) .

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an eye for fashion and gravitated towards people with a personal style. Style, like color energizes and inspires me.

Here’s some favorite ON SET STYLE!

Tuan rocks a very special silk track suit jacket that I bought at my favorite thrift store.

Julian’s super sexy gold trim sandals

ONE fantastic jacket from “Moods of Norway”

Peggy Bennett and Randy Elia AKA “The easter Bunny”, I love Peggy’s Uniglow for Jill Sander jacket