Alex Themistocleous profile and hairstyle

This group of images are from a really fun week of shooting at the Milk Studio Hanger in Hollywood . I got to work with an exceptional crew, including Kelly Hill who I hadn’t seen since we worked together on JC Penney in January.

Kelly has such a timeless and elegant sense of style. I photographed her on the last day of a 4 day shoot with her assistant Nina Walker. They both have on a different version a French sailor’s striped boat t-shirt, and champagne, the best way to end a great shoot.

Also working on set with some great style was Allison in her sky blue Reebok high tops,  the mighty style of a barista at Milk ( what a gorgeous coffee bar ), great hair on Alex Themistocleous and a sock I won’t forget….thank you Kevin.

Barista with Style at Milk Studio Los Angeles

Allison Beobut in ice blue Reebok Lifestyle kicks and rainbow striped laces

Foot of Kevin Gray with Black New Balance and California flag sock

Stylist Kelly Hill and Nina Walker with stripes and bubbles


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    August 26, 2012


    Kitty McNamee

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