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A few memorable style moments on set, from my shoots so far this year ( more to come ) .

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an eye for fashion and gravitated towards people with a personal style. Style, like color energizes and inspires me.

Here’s some favorite ON SET STYLE!

Tuan rocks a very special silk track suit jacket that I bought at my favorite thrift store.

Julian’s super sexy gold trim sandals

ONE fantastic jacket from “Moods of Norway”

Peggy Bennett and Randy Elia AKA “The easter Bunny”, I love Peggy’s Uniglow for Jill Sander jacket

The last time I went to see my friend Carlos Ortiz to have my hair cut ( and colored but tell anyone ), I had some time on my hands while waiting for all the magic to dry and took some photographs of his amazing space, the Candy Apple Salon

I’ve been going to Carlos for a few years now, and I always enjoy being there because his space is beautifully and thoughtfully filled with art, music and people that Carlos loves. He has this super fantastic collection on Chicano Artwork, not to mention a mean collection of photography books.

We often talk about photography and art, and recently Carlos shared the book “Hair Wars” with me. Now these are some very wild hair styles  and costumes and the models are brave women. No retouching here people, all their stretch marks, scars, everything out there for the world to see. I love it!

I just made a quick trip to Minneapolis to show my work to Art Directors and Art Buyers at agencies and design firms around town. It was a wonderful trip. The weather was unseasonably warm and breezy. I was hosted by some very lovely friends who took me out to great places to eat and shop. I was blown away by how kind and generous people were to me.  I love this town!

Also of note,  was a  profusion of rainbows in Minneapolis ( not the ones in the sky ) it’s possible I was looking out for them? Because I do LOVE a rainbow, and a dream catcher in strange places ( see slide show below ). Now, for the very best coffee in Minneapolis, in case any one cares, I vote for Dogwood. They are in an odd mall type spot that is surprisingly beautiful, hands down they beat anywhere else I’ve been. And for the very finest in men’s shop, damn it I’m a women, there’s Martinpartrick3. I strolled into this place and had a brief moment of remorse that I couldn’t shop for myself,  by the way they seem to serve cocktails!

Thank you Minneapolis, Sara, Chad, Otto, Piggy, Watson, Meighan for the insane bucket of candy and Coco!!